The country, which is the third largest uranium producer worldwide, is also considering investments from other countries to increase revenue generation from the mining sector.

Issoufou is seeking better agreements for the Somair and Cominak mines of Areva, without increasing its stake or taxes.

As agreements for both projects expire this year, mines minister Hamidou Tchiana Omar Hamidou Tchiana is urging the company to contribute more to the country’s income.

Issoufou was quoted by Mining Weekly as saying that the uranium agreement with Areva generates just €100m for the country per annum.

"This represents just 5% of our budget, it’s not acceptable. That’s why I have asked to re-equilibrate the terms of the deal between Areva and Niger," Issoufou added.

The African nation intends to generate 20-30% of its revenue from mining going forward.

Bloomberg, meanwhile, quoted Tchiana as saying that negotiations are underway with Areva.

"We don’t want to increase taxes because that risks slowing investment. We want to find the best formula with our investors," Tchiana said.