The new 3D packages pose many challenges that are required to be addressed. This new cooperation will focus on meeting IBM’s and its semiconductor research and development alliance partners’ needs in the electroplating for chip interconnections and 3D packaging. The program will build on the IBM’s packaging expertise and the new capabilities of NEXX Stratus electroplating tool. The new Stratus was selected for this program due to its low cost of ownership, advanced process performance, development capability, and extendibility to future applications.

“The IBM packaging team has long benefited from the flexibility and extendability of its existing C4NP and electroplating C4 processes for a wide range of materials for traditional first-level two-dimensional packaging,” stated Jean Trewhella, IBM director of Packaging Research and Development. “We are pleased to share a vision with the NEXX team that there are additional electroplating options that will broaden the flexibility of our electroplating materials as we develop new interconnections for 3D and other advanced packaging applications.”

Tom Walsh, NEXX chief executive officer, said, NEXX is very excited to have the opportunity to work with IBM as a joint development partner. IBM’s extensive experience in electroplated C4 and C4NP process technology is unique in the industry. This program will provide a basis to expand the capability of the NEXX Stratus to meet industry needs for electroplating processes delivered on a qualified manufacturing tool.