Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) joined NextEra Energy for the reopening of the repowered wind centre.

PG&E Energy Procurement senior vice president Fong Wan said, "The Vasco Wind project is a good example of replacing older turbine technology with new, more efficient models which can better harness this renewable resource to generate much more clean electricity."

NextEra Energy subsidiary replaced about 440 old, operating wind turbines with 34 new turbines of Siemens with a capacity of 2.3MW at the Vasco Wind Energy Center.

The company also removed 286 foundations of non-operating sites, 180 power poles and more than 6.5 miles of overhead power lines.

NextEra Energy Resources is a generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun and it owns and operates approximately 8,569MW of wind and 158MW of solar power generation at the end of 2011.