Next Graphite has completed a 25 tonne bulk sample pulled from one of three existing adits on its Aukam property, situated near the southern border of Namibia, 169km from the coastal town of Luderitz Bay.

The company started exploring the 125,000-acre property, which features three underground adits that were mined periodically between 1940 and 1974.

The facility produced a total of 26,740 tonnes of lump graphite. It was however closed after 1974 following an adit fire.

Next Graphite is testing for quality and purity of the lump graphite extracted during the bulk-sampling program.

The company said the testing will further define the material’s characteristics and its suitability for added value manufacturing applications.

Next Graphite CEO Cliff Bream said: "Vein graphite is in high demand in the market and our Aukam Graphite project is one of the few lump graphite projects in the world.

"We have been meticulous in our sampling, testing and grading process to ensure we have all the approvals and certifications to offer our graphite to the market at the best price possible."

The Aukum property includes a total of 491kmĀ² with existing infrastructure and road, and port access in all seasons.

The Aukum graphite deposit produced about 25,000 tons of graphite exported to South Africa between 1940 and 1974.