Newegg, an online consumer electronic retailer, has partnered with Gazelle, a company engaged in buying and selling of old electronic products, to launch a free electronics trade-in and recycling program for customers.

Under this program, Newegg consumers can dispose of qualifying used electronics, such as cell phones, cameras and MP3 players for recycling by Gazelle, and in return get Newegg gift cards valid for online purchases at

Every item received during the trade-in transaction will be inspected by Gazelle gadget lab team, who will determine the item value based on type of product, its age and condition, and destroy all personal data, providing Newegg customers with secure, online service.

Newegg vice president of marketing, web management and customer service Bernard Luthi said that the trade-in program is a great option for the customers who are either looking to ‘de-clutter’ after the holidays or who want to more affordably trade up to the latest gadgets.

"We chose to work with Gazelle because they are the market leader with the best customer experience. They will ensure that approximately 90% of the used electronics received will be reused and that the remainder will be responsibly recycled," Luthi said.