Dave Sanders, a founding member and managing partner of WorldBridge Partners, said: “We’re coming on board as a strategic advisor for New Home to help them build out their executive, sales and operating teams and facilitate their capital raise. What’s unique about WorldBridge is our ability to help companies scale up quickly for rapid expansion, which New Home is uniquely poised to do.”

New Home will offer green building materials at the same price and convenience as non-green stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s. New Home will also offer online ecommerce services when it launches its full website. In addition, it will present in-store and online education, social networking opportunities for contractors and homeowners.

Mr Sanders added: “New Home is the new wave for blending the best of traditional brick and mortar stores with the best of the web. It’s a game-changing transformational approach to delivering green products with maximum cost effectiveness.”

WorldBridge specializes in clean technology sector businesses and offers services including connecting early stage firms with venture capital firms and private equity investors that specialize in this area.