DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an IEC standard used in lighting control systems. Echelon’s I.LON SmartServer is a smart energy manager that helps businesses achieve their operating and energy-efficiency goals.

The ERCO I.LON SmartServer Firmware enables DALI lighting networks to be integrated into LonWorks building control systems and building energy management systems, enabling dimming and control by light scenes, luminaire groups and sequences. Energy consumption can be displayed and adjusted by light scenes and building zones.

Jens Brelie, head of electronics development at ERCO, said: ”Lighting systems use 30% or more of the total energy in a typical commercial building. Facility managers and building owners need to curb their rising costs of operation.

”Our solution provides the information and control to easily increase energy efficiency. The combination of LonWorks controls and our DALI lighting products enables efficient energy use, bottom line benefits, and better working environments.”

Martin Boettner, sales director of Echelon, Germany and Eastern Europe, said: ”Lighting and heating/air-conditioning are the two areas that must be controlled better to decrease the energy consumption in commercial buildings.

”ERCO is leading the way in architectural and advanced lighting solutions. Combining their systems with LonWorks building control systems lets end-users better manage their overall energy using a holistic view of their operations.”