The testing rig, which features a vertically arranged model, will enable model tests of hydraulic machines for heads up to 120m, discharge 0.9m3, speed 2,000rpm and power output 300kW.

The testing rig construction is part of a project to establish a Hydraulic Machine Research Center, which was included in the state innovation program ‚OPPI Potenciál‘ supported by funds from the Cxech Republic’s Ministry of Industry and the European Union.

The hydraulic laboratory was equipped with the first universal testing rig for heads up to 120m, discharge 1.2m3, speed 2,000rpm and power output 300kW three years ago. Many model tests have been performed at this testing rig, including projects in India, Poland, Slovenia, Finland, Costa Rica and in the Czech Republic.

The Hydraulic Machine Research Center of CKD Blansko Engineering will pursue development and research of hydro turbines, pump turbines and pumps in compliance with the international standard IEC 60193 not only for litostroj Power but also for external clients. It will also cooperate with a number of technical universities.