The challenge is looking to assist projects that will help in the state’s transition to a reliable, secure and sustainable energy future.

The best proposals will receive government support in the form of access to government, industry and research collaborators,

They can also use government assets, have access to government data, opportunities for regulatory waivers and referral to existing funding opportunities.

The government will also co-design and implement the successful proposal.

NSW Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy Anthony Roberts, said that the initiative would stimulate new energy-related ideas and turn them into effective technologies and business models.

The initial round is acting as a pilot. If it succeeds the AE Challenge will run further rounds in different energy associated areas like renewables, smart meters, the Internet of Things, and networks.

A successful AE Challenge will laed to one or more agreements between proponents and the state of NSW to co-design and implement the best proposals.

The Government said recognises that the energy sector is being exposed to new challenges and opportunities by emerging technologies, varying business models and a carbon constrained economy.

The final date for submitting expressions of interest for the project is 3 February 2017.

Image: The NSW Government seeks proposals and ideas for energy storage. Photo: Courtesy of New South Wales Government.