The Energy Crops Company has joined forces with Biojoule to produce and market climate neutral biomass pellets in the UK. It is suggested that the partnership may offer a means of reducing the UK’s production of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels by up to 25 000 tonnes a year.

The partnership brings together Biojoule’s local production technology with Energy Crops’ national distribution and logistics organisation, and is hoped to strengthen the supply chain for both companies’ customers.

A new pellet plant, near Retford in Nottinghamshire, is planned to enter operation in early 2007. Biojoule’s technology will be used to refine local wood and energy crops into wood pellet fuel. The plant will be operated in conjunction with Coppice Resources Ltd, which has recruited local farmers to grow short rotation coppice from which to produce pellets. The process transforms a hard to handle, unpredictable and low value fuel into one that is clean, easy to store, transport and handle, and has a high value.

Pellets have been used as an energy source for some years in many parts of Europe, especially Scandinavia. They have proven to be a cost effective and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels in both domestic and commercial environments.