The mechanical, electrical and metering systems are installed for three energy convertors and the cooling tower, control building, fire protection, safety systems and site grading are ready for operation.

Nevada Geothermal has completed a 21-mile power line interconnection to the Sierra Pacific Power Company (SPPC) power grid, the production and injection well field, local power distribution system, and microwave communication system. The power line interconnection was energized on August 3, 2009 such that power from SPPC can now be back-fed to test numerous power plant electrical components, cooling tower fan motors and production well pumps. The first of several ground water wells has been commissioned and the water supply pipeline and cooling tower is operational.

After start up two widely-spaced make-up wells are planned, replacing two existing shallow injectors, to allow sustainable plant output to be increased to 40 MW (net). In 2010, the NGP will commence further investigations aimed at confirming the further build out potential within the 17 square mile lease area.

“NGP has achieved an enormous milestone with the completion of the construction of the 49.5 MW Blue Mountain ‘Faulkner 1’ power plant. Our experienced management team, industry relationships, planned additional development projects and future new acquisitions will enable Nevada Geothermal to embark on an exciting program of scalable growth,” stated Brian Fairbank, president & CEO.