This is one of the two remaining state permits that will allow for full construction and operation of the Stage 1 underground project.

The WPCP is a modification of a previous water pollution control permit that the company received in 2008.

Nevada Copper expects to receive its air pollution control permit (APCP), a minor permit, within the next 20 days.

Nevada Copper president and CEO Giulio Bonifacio said, "We continue to execute and achieve all our defined project and financing milestones for purposes of achieving commercial production in 2015.

"All permits for our Stage 1 underground operation have now been received with only the Air Quality Permit remaining which we expect within the next 20 days.

"With our recently completed Red Kite financing totaling US$200 million and current treasury, we expect to fund a significant portion of the remaining project capital by way of an equipment lease and precious metal stream.

"We are fast approaching our most significant corporate and project milestone – a fully permitted and funded project with minimum dilution to our shareholders."