The refinery start-up proceeded as planned, and normal utilization should be reached within a few days. Starting in April, the turnaround was the largest in the history of the refinery, and it will help ensure the refinery’s good performance and safety for the next 4-6 years.

As part of the major turnaround arranged once every five years, the entire refinery is shut down, equipment is cleaned and inspected, pressure vessels are inspected, new investments are connected to the processes, and required preparations are made for connecting known investments. During the turnaround, approximately 4,500 people from 30 countries worked at the refinery.

The refining markets have been strong during the second quarter. As a result, and due to slight delays in investment work in some units, the turnaround is expected to have a negative impact of approximately EUR 130 million on the Oil Products segment’s comparable operating profit mainly in the second quarter. Previously, the impact was expected to be approximately EUR 100 million. The Group’s result guidance remains unchanged: the Group’s full-year 2015 comparable operating profit is estimated to remain robust, and to be higher than that reached in 2014.