This is to conduct its regular spring maintenance and to monitor its corn and ethanol markets.

NEDAK general manager and President Jerome Fagerland said that in the early months of the year they usually have fewer miles driven by consumers, which reduces the demand for gasoline and ethanol.

Though normally the number increases by the end of May, this was not the case this year.

Also, corn prices have been higher than usual adding to the negative sentiment.

"The surplus of ethanol combined with the increased demand for corn from developing countries has further contributed to the negative crush margins the ethanol industry is currently experiencing," said Fagerland.

Impact of the current halt in production is yet to be ascertained and therefore no decision taken on layoffs or reduced working hours is yet to be arrived upon.

NEDAK needs to maintain minimum staff for the spring maintenance and is expected to commence production post that. Also, it will wait for the corn prices to cool down leading to comparatively favorable crush margins.