On completion of the project in early 2018, the power distribution firm EKZ will own and handle the operations of the system.

EKZ project manager Marina Gonzalez Vaya said: "NEC ES's fast, flexible energy storage product proved to be the best solution to complement conventional power production assets, such as pumped hydro storage and thermal generation resources, in the primary reserve control market."

Since 2012, EKZ has been supplying power distribution solutions with its 1MW active battery energy storage project in Dietikon, Europe.

The new storage system, which will the capacity to meet the requirements of 600 households, will be constructed at an existing substation in Volketswil, Zurich.

NEC Energy Solutions chief commercial officer Adam Briggs said: "EKZ, like other customers around the world, is putting their trust in NEC to deliver superior, end-to-end energy storage solutions from concept to design, installation, commissioning and servicing to ensure the maximum return on investment for the life of their system."

“With this first large-scale commercial battery storage project performing primary reserve in Switzerland, we're taking an important step towards a reliable and sustainable energy future," said Marina Gonzalez Vaya, project manager for EKZ.

With a workforce of over 1400, EKZ’s electricity grid stretches around 15,000 km and is 99.997 percent available.

NEC ES designs, manufactures, and integrates energy storage solutions. The lithium-ion battery systems control systems offer grid stability and flexibility and is preferred over traditional lead-acid batteries.

In May 2017, NEC Chile and NEC Energy Solutions secured a contract to supply a 2MW, 2MWh lithium-ion battery storage system to Engie Energía Chile.