The trout run system which was placed in service on 30 May 2012, consists of about 25 miles of mostly 20-inch high-pressure pipeline, associated facilities and an interconnection with the Transco pipeline system.

Seneca Resources, a wholly owned exploration and production subsidiary of National Fuel, has commenced production on a four-well pad located on its DCNR 100 tract in Lycoming County as a part of the completion of the tract system.

The trout run system is gathering the natural gas produced from the four completed wells which are operated by Seneca.

National Fuel chairman and chief executive officer said David F Smith said the company has completed the trout Run in conjunction with initial production from Seneca’s Lycoming County wells.

"The initial results from these wells confirm our belief that this acreage holds significant potential and will help drive production growth throughout the next several years," Smith added.

"Additionally, with our two major gathering systems completed in Pennsylvania, we have built a foundation from which NFG Midstream can continue to expand its operations for not only Seneca, but other Appalachian producers as well."

The trout run system is designed to transport natural gas with a capacity in excess of 450mmcf per day and the company will build other facilities and gathering lines as the output increases.

The four wells are producing at a combined rate of around 45mmcf per day of natural gas and peak production rate ranges from 10.1 to 15.7mmcf per day.