Ohio-based National Electric Coil will remove and replace existing windings and stator cores for two of the three generator units at Flatiron power plant in Colorado, US, in a $9.9M contract awarded by the US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR).

“Flatiron is an essential part of the overall Colorado-Big Thompson Project for both water delivery and power generation,” said USBR Commissioner Robert Johnson. “These upgrades will help ensure our facilities remain safe and reliable well into the future.”

The Colorado-Big Thompson project provides water to more than 725,000 people and 620,000 irrigated acres in northeastern Colorado. Six power plants along the project, including Flatiron, generate an average of 759MkWh of electricity a year, enough electricity to power 58,000 American homes.

Flatiron power plant, which began operations in 1954, is managed by the Eastern Colorado Area Office, which overseas both the Colorado Big-Thompson and Fryingpan-Arkansas Projects, as well as other USBR activities in eastern Colorado.