Under the contract, MSi Kenny will provide a model for the 366MW Portovaya compressor station which is a part of the Gryazovets – Vyborg gas trunkline.

The model is expected to increase the gas supply to the Northeast region of the country and also to provide Russian gas to Europe through a 1,200km Nord Stream pipeline.

MSi Kenny president and CEO Michael Mai said the company will provide a modeling subsystem that will offer uninterrupted supply of gas.

‘The 366 megawatt Portovaya compressor station will secure gas transmission across the 1200 km length of the Nord Stream Pipeline and eliminates the need for additional compressor stations,” Mai said.

The subsystem will include an engineering and operations simulator to stimulate the gas offline, and will have a gas management system to monitor and optimize the operations of the station which in turn will address the increased operational requirements of the pipeline.

MSi Kenny will desging the stimulation models based on the expanded version of the modelling software used by the Nord Stream Pipeline Company, and help Gazprom maximize compressor operations.