As per the scope of the contract, MPI will install 92 monopile foundations, transition pieces and two offshore substations.

Additional scope of the contract includes engineering, project management, quayside logistics and scour protection installation.

The offshore wind farm is owned by a joint venture company named Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm, which is owned by Statkraft and Innogy.

Both the companies own 50% stake each in the wind farm. In 2015, Statkraft purchased the stake from Innogy.

The wind farm will include 90 of MHI Vestas’ turbines, each with a generating capacity of 9.5MW. The 9.5MW is the largest offshore turbine, introduced by MHI Vestas in June this year. Total turbine height is 187m while the hub height is 105m and rotor diameter is 164m.

Triton Knoll wind farm is expected to be spread in an area of 146km2. Substations for the wind farm will be supplied by Siemens.

For the project, MPI Offshore will be using its MPI Discovery jack-up vessel, which will lift, transport and install all the foundations.

Triton Knoll project director James Cotter said: “We’re delighted that, so soon after the CFD auction result, we are able to announce yet another major UK supplier, with whom we have worked closely to deliver both value and low cost energy generation for UK consumers.

“MPI already has a great UK footprint and engagement with the UK supply chain, and we expect to now work even more closely with them to build on that, as we progress towards contract completion and start of offshore works. We and our top tier contractors will be working with the most cost efficient suppliers to deliver this project and our commitments to UK jobs and contracts.

“MPI are an important part of our business plan, which aims to deliver at least 50% UK content over the lifetime of the project, while creating significant value for the UK and energy consumers from the delivery of our wind farm. As a UK-based industry specialist, and one of the world’s leading offshore component installers, we are delighted to have MPI on board.”

Image: MPI Offshore selected as preferred supplier for Triton Knoll offshore wind farm. Photo: Courtesy of Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Ltd.