The gross theoretical hydro potential of Mozambique is estimated to be at least 50,000GWh/yr (11,800MW), where as the technical feasible potential is around 37,647GWh/yr (6,610MW). These figures could be higher since the data reported is based on projects that have reached the feasibility study stage, and thus have the details to confirm their technical feasibility. The economically feasible potential (up to the year 2009) is calculated to be 31,717GWh/yr (5210MW).

Installed capacity of hydro power that is currently operational is 2136MW, about 32% of the technically feasible potential. No hydro power schemes are currently under construction, but more then 2000MW of new hydro capacity is planned over the next eight years. Most significant of these is the 1300MW Mepanda Nkuwa scheme which is planed to be completed by 2010.

Other projects include Boroma (444MW), Lupata (654MW) and Alto Malema (80MW). The total potential capacity of small hydro power plants in Mozambique is 364MW, but just 18.3MW has been exploited.

Educational programmes

• Universidade Eduardo Mondlane gives the option of specialising in Hydraulic and Resources as part of its Civil Engineering department. This is a five-year programme with four years of various subjects and then a final year of specialisation. Also, under Electronic Engineering, there is a relevant branch called Sisitmas de Energia (System of Energy).

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