Three new orders have recently been awarded to voith-siemens Hydro Power Generation. In China the company will be supplying the exciter system for the 14x700MW generators of the first phase of the Three Gorges project. While in Portugal contracts have been signed for two pumped storage sets for the Venda Nova II station, scheduled for start up in 2004. Each machine set has an output of 92.5MW and together they will generate 220GWh annually. The last time that Voith received a contract of this magnitude from Portugal was over 40 years ago.

The third order also comes from Portugal, where two radial pumps will be supplied for the irrigation system in Alqueve-Alamos. A special feature of this contract is the narrow time frame — the plant is scheduled for commissioning as early as March 2003. Follow up orders for another four pumps are likely.