The ten nuclear stations are located at Columbia, Cook, Cooper, Fermi 2, Fort Calhoun, Hope Creek, Monticello, Prairie Island, Salem, and Susquehanna.

As per the deal, MOHR will supply its EFP-IL SFPI system as a solution for US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Order EA-12-051, which requires installation of SFPI in all US commercial nuclear power stations, issued in response to the Japan nuclear accident at Fukushima Dai-ichi plant in March 2011.

EFP-IL SFPI system features the EFP-IL signal processor and SFP-1 level probe assembly.

MOHR said that spent fuel pool monitoring helps prevent exposure and overheating of spent nuclear fuel rods, following damage to the spent fuel pool by earthquake or other beyond design-basis event.

Established in 1996, Utilities Service Alliance (USA) is a non-stock, non-profit, membership cooperative, which intends to improve station safety, reliability and reduce operating costs.

USA’s membership is comprised of eight electric utilities which include American Electric Power, DTE Energy, Energy Northwest, Nebraska Public Power District, Omaha Public Power District, PPL, PSEG, and Xcel Energy.

Together, all the utilities operate 14 nuclear power reactors located at 10 stations, which will generate 13% of nuclear electric power in the US.