US based Modern Coal has acquired access to approximately 33 million tons of coal reserves in eastern Kentucky.

The company will be able to reach additional coal through mines operated on properties being acquired as part of a joint venture with Global Earth Energy.

Modern Coal believes that the additional coal will be a superb addition to the acquired properties and will extend the productive life of the acquired properties by many years.

This will also strengthen the company’s ability to offer high-volume long-term contracts to a wider variety of coal purchasers.

The coal reserves on the acquired properties and the additional reserves are produced from numerous seams including the Amburgy, Elkhorn 1, Elkhorn 2, Elkhorn 3, Elkhorn 3.5 and Elkhorn 4.

These seams contain highly volatile bituminous coals with a sulfur content varying from 0.65% to 1.4% and with thermal parameters ranging from 12,000 to 13,500+ BTU.