Swedish marine surveying company MMT has started the offshore geophysical survey for the £1.1bn ($1.45bn) Aquind Interconnector project to be laid between the UK and France.

Aquind Interconnector is a proposed 2GW new subsea underground high voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission link. It is proposed to be laid between the South Coast of England and Normandy in France.

The interconnector will help in improving security of electricity supply, while fostering the integration of more renewable power into the national grids on both sides. The project is being developed without subsidies from both the governments.

MMT will conduct a geophysical survey for the proposed cable corridor between the landfall areas near Portsmouth in England and near Dieppe in France.

To conduct the survey, the company will use two vessels equipped with latest survey technology including multibeam echo sounders, side-scan sonars and sub-bottom profilers.

MMT’s survey will determine the final route and will support planning applications for the UK and French authorities.

MMT CEO Stefan Eliasson said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to support the AQUIND Interconnector project work and look forward working with the Aquind Team to deliver a successful marine survey campaign along the proposed cable corridor.

“This shows that MMT can provide our customer with effective, high quality survey solutions meeting their high requirements.”

Aquind and its advisors are working with the relevant consent granting bodies in both countries to ensure that the survey complies with standards across both the countries.

Aquind managing director Kirill Glukhovskoy said: “MMT is one of the leading specialists in the marine surveying solutions with extended experience in working in the English Channel. We are looking forward to fruitful cooperation on the AQUIND cable survey in the coming months.”

Image: MMT´s Survey and ROV vessel Franklin. Photo: Courtesy of MMT Sweden AB.