MiX Telematics has introduced ELD-ready solutions for US Oil and Gas companies.

MiX Telematics’s flagship fleet management platform, MiX Fleet Manager, is ELD-ready and supports the FMCSA’s current requirements for performance, design and technical specifications. Combined with the company’s recently launched MiX Journey Management — the first journey risk management solution for US Oil and Gas companies that’s integrated with a fleet management platform — MiX Fleet Manager provides everything an Oil and Gas fleet needs to improve safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance while reducing costs.

MiX Telematics’s capabilities for Oil and Gas include:

Compliance monitoring such as Hours of Service and IFTA State Line Crossing

Real-time monitoring for unsafe driver behavior, including sudden acceleration, harsh braking and speeding

Driver identification and driver scoring

Trip and vehicle utilization reports

Consultancy, including risk assessment and road safety strategy development

Targeted driver training including defensive driver training

MiX Telematics has worked in the Oil and Gas industry globally for more than a decade. The company has deep experience in developing products and services that improve safety, improve efficiency and reduce costs for Oil & Gas fleets.

MiX customer ROI analysis shows that Oil and Gas fleets can expect to save $50-100 per month, per vehicle, net (after the cost of the MiX Telematics solution). Savings are due to factors such as fuel usage reductions, improved vehicle utilization, wage savings (less time on paperwork), crash prevention/avoidance, and reduced maintenance/repair expenses.

"MiX Telematics solutions address safety issues first and foremost, but also help ensure regulatory compliance and help fleets save money by running more efficiently," said Skip Kinford, President and CEO of MiX Telematics Americas, "Rather than just a band aid, MiX provides a cure for fleet safety issues and inefficiencies, and helps lower overall operating costs. During these challenging economic times in our industry, where everyone is looking to reduce costs, our customers are realizing the rewards of their MiX investment every month."

What really sets MiX Telematics apart, said Kinford, is its Service for Life approach. "It’s a fact that many fleet operators aren’t getting the ROI they expected from their fleet management solution providers, and that’s made some companies reluctant to invest in the technology," Kinford noted. "In offering Service for Life, MiX supports customers for the full life of the contract, not just a short warranty or training period, and proactively helps to manage the needs and priorities of a fleet to make sure they are getting the most out of their fleet management investment."