MHI and SBG will support the design and production of Altaeros’ Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) renewable energy and communication platform.

The BAT can be used to supply off-grid or remote customers with power, telecommunications and for other purposes like sensing and security services.

It uses a helium-filled shell that lifts a wind turbine to harness stronger and more consistent winds 600m above ground, about three times higher than the tallest existing tower-mounted turbines.

Altaeros CEO Ben Glass said: "There are over one billion people that live without access to reliable electricity and three billion who do not have access to the Internet.

"We are honored to partner with MHI and SBG to deliver a product that can tackle this global challenge."

Altaeros was founded in 2010 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It secured funding towards wind turbine technology development from several sources, including the US Department of Agriculture, the National Science Foundation, the California Energy Commission, the Maine Technology Institute, and several others.

Image: Altaeros Energies is developing airborne wind turbines. Photo: courtesy of Altaeros Energies.