Both the firms will together hold a 50% share in the project, with the remaining 50% held by Belgian telecommunications services provider Nethys.

The companies will set up a new fifty-fifty joint venture, via an agreement to be executed by Mitsubishi's UK-based subsidiary Diamond Generation Europe.

The project, which is estimated to cost about JPY150bn ($1.28bn), will be developed, built and operated by the three companies 23km off the Belgian coast in the North Sea. It is planned to feature 44 MHI-Vestas 8.4 MW turbines.

The turbines will have a rotor diameter of 164m. Each turbine has the capacity to produce 8.4MW of electricity.

The export cable from the wind farm is expected to have a nominal voltage of 220kV and the cable is anticipated to land at Zeebrugge in Belgium.

The wind farm is expected to generate eneugh energy for 400,000 Belgian households and reduce 530,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and 12,000 tonnes of sulphur dioxide emissions.

Construction of the wind farm is scheduled to begin in 2017 and operations are estimated to start by the summer of 2019.

The project represents Mitsubishi and Eneco’s second collaboration on a European offshore wind project.

In 2013, the companies cooperated on the 130MW Luchterduinen offshore wind farm in Dutch waters, which started operations in 2015.

Mitsubishi said the investments will increase its presence in the renewable energy sector and are in line with its ambition to realise a ‘low-carbon society’.

Image: Mitsubishi to participate in the 370MW Belgian offshore wind farm. Photo: Courtesy of Mitsubishi Corporation.