The Mitsubishi Electric booth, located at No.3-039, East Hall 3, will focus on Mitsubishi Electric as a Global, Leading Green Company contributing to low-carbon, recycling-based societies. Exhibitions will center on products and technologies that contribute to reduced environmental impact for uses ranging from the home to outer space. Exhibits will include products, demonstrations, videos and look-and-touch experiences.

The Building and Factory Zone, featuring in-factory initiatives that earned an Energy Conservation Award in 2012, will present solutions for existing and new buildings incorporating advanced products and technologies for energy savings.

Zones and Main Exhibits

Outer Space, Society and Home Zones

* Space: Himawari-8 and Himawari-9 weather satellites and Michibiki, the first quasi-zenith satellite
* Society: Smart Grid Demonstration Project; EleFine hydraulic elevator for building renewals; AXIEZ, MITSUBISHI Standard Elevators; materials-identification technology for advanced plastic recycling; integrated intelligent-power module for next-generation hybrid vehicles; and motor controller for next-generation electric power steering
* Home: Mitsubishi HEMS home energy-management system; Kirigamine room air conditioners; and LED lighting

Building and Factory Zone

* Case studies: Introduction of energy-saving products in a Mitsubishi Electric factory (earned Energy Conservation Award 2012) and measures for improving production lines
* Energy management systems: Facima management system for buildings; SA1 power-saving/ remote-control system; EcoServerIII energy-saving data-collection servers; and EcoMonitorLight electric power measurement units
* Air conditioning: Total solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning
* Lighting: High-ceiling LED lights
* Heat source: Eco Cute for commercial applications

Main Stage

* Case study (video) of CO2-emission-reduction technologies for manufacturing and other applications

Introducing Kids to Space

* Introduction of space and satellite business for children, and a workshop to show kids how to make small astrometric telescopes by hand