The drilling is a first by PKM for obtaining prospective resources at the KM oil field.

The drill at KM13-A site will be done up to a depth of 3248ft (990m) through the STC zone to Suban-7 zones and then proceed to Suban-8 and then further till Suban-12 zone.

It is expected to be concluded within 26 days .

The Suban-8 to Suban-12 is located on the Air Benakat Formation. Only four wells with log data has penetrated this sequence and only one of them has drilled deep enough to cover all the zones till Suban-13.

The drill at the site will be conducted by PT. Daqing Jaya Petroleum Engineering under the Integrated Project Management contract with KM.

PT. Henan Petroleum Indonesia will be responsible for the mud logging services.

Uniteq Energy, the oilfield services unit of Mirach Energy, will be consultant for the operation and will ensure control and quality of reservoir protection and well completion work at the site.