Melbourne Water has announced that five new mini hydropower plants are delivering power to the grid.

The plants at Dandenong, Wantirna, Mount Waverley, Boronia and Cardinia Creek were delivered in pre-assembled, self-contained units, offering simple, weather resistant power delivery solutions which can be brought online quickly, said the company.

This design delivered increased cost efficiencies compared with seven mini hydro plants installed by Melbourne Water in 2008-2010, as the new self-contained approach allows all construction of the plant to be completed offsite prior to delivery.

“Using excess pressure inherent in Melbourne Water’s water supply system to generate renewable electricity means we are harnessing a natural, sustainable and reliable source of energy, rather than letting this energy go to waste," Melbourne Water Senior Project Manager Ian Royston said. “The use of mini-hydro plants allows our water supply operations to actually contribute more electricity to the grid than they consume.”

All plants are fully remote-controlled, operational from offsite and seamlessly integrated into Melbourne Water’s supply system to ensure uninterrupted operation.