Microsemi, a provider of semiconductor technology, has launched a family of highly integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) ICs for developing more energy-efficient IP phones and cameras, WLAN access points and other powered devices (PDs).

With the introduction of Microsemi’s PD70x0x family of Energy-Efficient PoE (EEPoE) front-end PD ICs, PDs will be able to receive up to 51W of power over all four pairs of the same standard Ethernet network cabling that is used to carry data.

Microsemi Integrated Circuit Group senior vice president Paul Pickle said integrated PD solutions solutions enable the same energy-efficient four-pair powering that has been proven in the company’s solutions for Power Sourcing Equipment, and reduce the size, cost and complexity of next-generation energy-efficient PDs.

Microsemi’s PD70x0x EEPoE front-end PD ICs join the company’s family of two- and four-pair, standard- and high-power PoE solutions, including midspans and Power Sourcing Equipment ICs and splitters.

PoE allows the electrical power necessary for the operation of each end-device to be carried by data cables, rather than by separate power cords.