A Mavel MT5 micro turbine has been installed adjacent to the Togetsukyo bridge in Kyoto, Japan, providing enough electricity to illuminate the historic bridge and the nearby hillside.

The installed power of the turbine is 4.3kW, and the installation site has a head of 1.34m with a flow of 0.53m3/sec.

The City of Kyoto decided to install a turbine at the bridge as a symbol of ‘Green Energy for Kyoto’. A number of dignitaries including Yorikane Masumoto, Mayor of Kyoto, and Mr. Zebrakovsky, the Czech Ambassador to Japan, attended the opening ceremony in December 2005.

The MT5 turbine is one of three turbines in Mavel’s MT line of micro siphon turbines. The turbine sets are sold as complete packages and can be installed on existing weirs.