The utilities include Alpena Power, Bayfield Electric Cooperative, Daggett Electric Department, Edison Sault Electric, Indiana Michigan Power, Xcel Energy, Upper Peninsula Power, WE Energies, Wisconsin Public Service, Michigan Gas Utilities, and SEMCO Energy Gas.

The Efficiency United is rolling out programmes now and into next year. Programmes include an energy efficiency assistance programme which includes installation of energy-efficient measures for income-qualified subscribers, an online home energy audit, a residential HVAC rebate programme, and a programme to assist commercial and industrial customers to install energy-efficient equipment.

For qualifying customers, rebates are available on items such as smart strips, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, washers and water heaters. These programmes are in addition to the federal tax incentive programmes currently running.

The energy efficiency assistance programme, serving persons with qualifying incomes, is being managed in conjunction with the Michigan Community Action Agency Association and its member agencies in the areas served by the Efficiency United partners.