Under this program, MHT will work with the municipality or business house to customize individual energy saving program, on approval of which MHT will begin the process of replacing the current fixtures with its own energy efficient Induction lighting products.

MHT will provide funds between $1m and $50m for projects that show the promise of certain degree of energy savings and reduction of the end-user’s energy bill once implemented, while eliminating installation costs and maintenance expenses.

In addition to the Energy Management Program, MHT will offer loans with interest rates between 4.25% and 6.5% for municipalities and between 6.5% and 7.5% for businesses depending on the current market conditions.

MHT vice president Mark Shotton said that the company is excited to offer this program and its financing options as it allows MHT to provide a real solution, not just a commodity, to address the rising costs of energy and the dwindling budgets of many corporations and municipalities.