The contract has been awarded by China Shenhua Guohua Power for the plant which began commercial operations in 2015.

The detection services, which are scheduled to begin in April 2017, will be provided for the Shenhua Beijing Guohua Gas-fired Thermal Power Plant.

It produces electricity by using two M701F gas turbines delivered by the Chinese heavy equipment manufacturer Dongfang Turbine.

MHPS said: “This order reflects MHPS's efforts to support the thermal power plant operations and will be the first digital solution provided to a GTCC power plant in China, where demand for operational flexibility has increased in recent years.”

To detect the cause of an anomaly in advance, the gas turbine preventive detection services will utilize MHPS's AI (artificial intelligence) technology as well as advanced algorithms.

The services are expected to contribute to improved utilization rates.

Besides, the services include a function to propose appropriate countermeasures when anomalies become apparent.

MHPS said that the introduction of this detection service is part of the global expansion of its digital solutions.

The contract was made through Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Dongfang Gas Turbine (MHIDF), a joint venture with Dongfang Turbine.

Along with Dongfang Turbine, MHPS has received orders for over 60 gas turbines for power plants throughout China.

It plans to open a monitoring center at MHIDF to support its plans to expand its operational support services using digital solutions.