Gade’s earlier responsibilities comprise of senior operating and marketing roles with Home Depot, Inc. and 7-Eleven, Inc. He received an MBA from The Ohio State University. Rent-A-Center, Inc. is among the boards on which he now serves.

Zorko’s previous positions comprises of senior financial roles with Tatum CFO Partners, LLP, and Network Services Company. He received an MBA from the University of Minnesota. He earlier was board member and audit committee chair of Guardian Technologies International, Inc. and is now serves on several boards which include the loan guarantee fund board and audit committee for Opportunity International.

David Unger, chairman and chief executive officer of MFRI, stated: We are delighted to add these two solid professionals to the MFRI Board. I would like to thank the Nominating and Governance Committee for their excellent work. I look forward to the contributions that Mike and Mark will make to the continued growth and success of MFRI.