As per the contract, the future Valmet (Metso’s business) will supply a boiler island, a turbine and buildings as well as installation and construction works.

Expected be operational in 2015, the plant will have an electric output of 9.7MW and heat output of 10MW and will supply the output to the city of Babina Creda in Croatia.

The electric output will be supplied to the local grid, while the heat will be used in a wood pellet factory, other industrial facilities, and nearby greenhouses within the city.

The order’s main part and automation system are included in Metso Pulp, Paper and Power and Metso Automation’s fourth quarter 2013 orders received, respectively, the company claims.

Unit Investment CEO Cem Sirin said the renewable electricity generation will contribute to the long-term sustainable development of the Croatian power system, enabling energy security, decreasing the reliance on imports.

"We are pleased that, together with our Croatian partners, we recognized the quality and benefits of this project and that we are among the first in Croatia to move in this direction," added Sirin.

Metso claims that its plants featuring bubbling fluidized bed are highly automated and modular, and are based on standardized components that can be delivered and installed quickly.