Metso has been contracted by Jiangsu Huadian Jurong Power to provide automation systems for its two greenfield 1,000MW power plant units located in Xiashu Town, Jurong City, Jiangsu Province, China.

Both the power units will feature ultra supercritical technologies and allow Jiangsu Huadian to support economic growth in Eastern China.

Metso said ultra supercritical technologies help increase the efficiency of coal-based electricity generation by about 50% and produce less emissions compared to traditional subcritical coal-fired power plants.

Metso’s automation systems will control both power plant units from one central control room.

In addition, the systems will monitor, control and optimise the performance of the power plant units, as well as common services at the plant site.

The main function of Metso’s Distributed Control System includes automatic startup and shutdown, performance monitoring and data links to other balance-of-plant systems.

Metso’s DNA hardware and software will also be used in the turbine control system, boiler feedwater pump turbine control system and flue gas desulphurisation system.

The company said the software will be integrated into the distributed control system.