MetroSplash Systems Group and Centego Marketing have joined forces to create a common technology platform for fuel rewards in the US.

The two companies aim to create a common network that will allow retailers in various channels of trade to issue and redeem cents-off-per-gallon fuel rewards.

The universal redemption Fuel Links network is currently comprised of branded convenient store major oil/gas operators and select grocery stores. MetroSplash and Centego have plans to expand Fuel Links to various channels of trade, such as national chain drug stores, home improvement stores, office product stores, online retailers, restaurants and automobile dealers.

Consumers will be thrilled to purchase products, earn free gasoline on their Fuel Links loyalty card, take their card to the pump and watch the pump roll back the price of gas reflecting the value of their earned rewards, said John Cullen, Centego president and COO. We expect thousands of retail stores across various channels of trade will be on the program with a vast network of fuel redemption centers accepting the Fuel Links card.

As part of the agreement, Centego, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AutoGas Systems, has obtained the right to use, market, practice and license the cents-off-per-gallon intellectual property owned by AutoGas.