The project work included meter installation services, meter base repairs, incoming meter quality testing, warehousing, and inventory management across the US state of Georgia.

Georgia Power noted that the upgraded digital system has reduced 14 million miles of travel throughout the state by taking about 300 vehicles off the road.

Metadigm Services chief executive Robert Shively said, "To reach every single customer in a safe, courteous and efficient manner took considerable teamwork between Georgia Power and our team."

Georgia Power president and CEO Paul Bowers highlighted that the completion of smart meter enhancement reflects the firm’s ongoing commitment to provide world-class service to its customers.

"With advanced metering technology, Georgia Power is notified instantly about customer outages, which helps expedite power restoration, improves maintenance and enables the company to respond more quickly to customer service requests, all while saving customers money," Bowers said.

Atlanta-based Metadigm Services offers services such as AMI/AMR technical field, in house testing/lab, GIS/GPS data gathering and analysis, warehousing and inventory services.