MegaWest Energy has reported that its 30 day trailing average production rate has reached approximately 250 barrels of oil per day (bopd).

During the 30-day period, oil production rates have ranged from a low of 170bopd to a recent high of 348bopd. Oil production rates indicate that the steam drive process is performing as designed in each of the company’s two steam drive projects at Marmaton River (Marmaton) and Grassy Creek (Grassy) in the Deerfield area of western Missouri.

The oil production is expected to continue to ramp up towards the combined design capacity of 1,000bopd over the next few months, the company said.

The company’s announcement in early March 2010 specified that it had reached a seven-day trailing average oil production rate of 250bopd and subsequently, the company encountered surface facility related production challenges due to hotter than expected produced fluids at both Marmaton and Grassy in Missouri.

At Marmaton, MegaWest has addressed previously identified surface facility bottlenecks, the company claims. Two new inlet heat exchangers and a production flash tank have been installed on time and are functioning as expected allowing increased oil production at higher temperatures.

Over the past few weeks, several wells have shown significantly improved oil cuts, reinforcing confidence that production will continue to increase towards the 500 barrels per day design capacity of the Marmaton project.

On the company’s newest project at Grassy, with improved balancing of steam injection rates, the produced fluids are increasing in temperature at the oil production wells as per design. Observation well temperature data shows ideal vertical conformance of the developing steam chamber necessary for displacement of oil to the producing wells, the company said.

Surface facilities are operating as designed and production is expected to continue to increase toward the Grassy facility design capacity of 500bopd.

MegaWest is an independent oil and gas company, specializing in non-conventional oil and gas projects with a focus on North American heavy oil with particular emphasis on the Deerfield area of western Missouri.