The solar panel installation will aim to cut electric and fuel costs for MassMutual, while also allowing the company to evaluate the sustainability of solar technologies for future ventures.

The project will include both PV and thermal solar panels, which will generate electricity and hot water respectively and are expected to save an estimated $100,000 a year in energy costs.

The solar panels will be installed on a 40000sqft parcel of the 9.6 acres of roof on MassMutual’s main campus at 1295 State St. Aside from the solar components, the project will also utilize white roofing, which reflects the sun and reduces the temperature of roof surfaces.

Construction on the solar project is expected to begin in early April and be completed by late summer.

Sean Anderson, assistant vice president of facilities operations and director of green initiatives at MassMutual, said: “This new solar project will help lower energy consumption, reduce our carbon footprint, and provide a comprehensive understanding of green technologies, which will help MassMutual to continue our efforts toward increased sustainability.”