The large-scale facility, which is providing GaN foundry services for Transphorm, will enable expansion of Transphorm’s GaN power device business.

The mass production will help in meeting the increasing market demand for GaN devices, which are claimed to be compact, energy-efficient power conversion systems.

Transphorm has set up a 600V GaN device platform, supported by GaN power IP portfolio.

The world’s first photovoltaic power conditioner products using the GaN module from Transphorm was launched in January this year.

In 2013, Fujitsu Semiconductor and Transphorm announced the business integration of their GaN power device solutions.

Since then, Transphorm’s JEDEC-qualified process has been combined with Fujitsu Semiconductor’s basic technology and ported to the CMOS-compatible, 150mm fab of Aizu Fujitsu Semiconductor Wafer Solution Limited, with improvements for silicon-compatible device manufacturing.

The companies have completed the development in Aizu-Wakamatsu and have now started mass production.

Fujitsu Semiconductor president Haruki Okada said: "The start of the mass production in a CMOS-compatible fab is a significant step forward toward achieving the widespread use of GaN power devices, as well as a demonstration of the successful integration of both companies’ strengths.

"We will continue to enhance our high-quality manufacturing technology to support the stable supply of the products and bring the new value of GaN power devices to the world."