This move comes after Mason Graphite’s deal to buy 40% holding in NanoXplore for $700,000 in two tranches. The first tranche was completed on 18 February 2014.

As part of the transaction, Mason Graphite was appointed as an agent for NanoXplore’s sales, marketing and distribution activities.

Mason Graphite president and CEO Benoit Gascon assumed the role of chairman of NanoXplore, and executive vice president and CFO Luc Veilleux as a director and CFO of NanoXplore.

Graphene is produced using various processes, including Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and liquid exfoliation. NanoXplore’s technique is claimed to be a low-cost, low-energy, safe and scalable electrochemical conversion method.

Mason Graphite is focused on the exploration and development of its Lac Gueret graphite property, located in northeastern Quebec.