Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley said everyone deserves to have an adequate supply of safe drinking water.

"These projects protect public health while creating jobs for more Marylanders," O’Malley said.

The Water Supply Financial Assistance Program will allocate $785,433 for the Water System Byproducts Compliance project in Town of Oakland, Garrett County.

The project include study, design and construction to modify the Town’s Broadford Lake and Bradley Run water treatment plants to lower the concentration of disinfection byproducts and improve the quality of its drinking water.

Denton Production Well No. 6 project in Town of Denton, Caroline County, will use a $688,675 capital construction grant for the construction of a new drinking water well to provide adequate water supply to Town residents.

The project also includes the installation of water treatment equipment, a data collection control system and construction of a building.