Flexitricity uses Martin Energy Limited’s (MEL) purpose-built control center to offer large volumes of electricity to electricity suppliers and the national grid at short notice. The service allows electricity supply to be matched to demand, and provides a means of absorbing more intermittent renewable generation into the grid.

Mr Sigsworth has become associated with several new start businesses in the sustainable energy sector over the past year. He is a director of Solar Century and Energy Action Scotland, and is also chairman of the Dundee Science Centre. He recently chaired an inquiry into hydrogen and fuel cell opportunities conducted by the Scottish Executive’s Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland.

Flexitricity provides an opportunity for many participants in the electricity market to benefit economically and environmentally. In particular, business customers have a new tool to manage their energy costs, and electricity network operators have a new source of demand control, commented Mr Sigsworth. I am delighted to be associated with MEL, which is filling a gap in the market with a very imaginative product.