Portugal-based renewable energy company Martifer SGPS is set to boost its solar projects portfolio by adding solar parks with consolidated capacity of nearly 28MW in 2013.

The company added that the new projects would be launched following the completion of its five projects, reported Bloomberg.

Talking to the news agency, Martifer UK manager Joao Cunha noted that the company has launched PV projects with combined capacity of 28.1MW and it is adding the same again amount this year.

Meanwhile, Martifer offloaded its stake in solar projects completed in March, by selling them to Lightsource Renewable Energy in a deal of $1.8m per MW.

Cunha added that the UK is a prospective market for the solar industry with lower banding scheme, citing it as reliable and predictable.

An additional 1,000MW – 1,100MW capacity of solar power can be expected in the country by the end of 2013, Cunha revealed.