Marathon Equipment Company (Marathon Equipment) has donated over 2.5 tons of electronic waste to Technical Knock Out (TKO). Old computers, printers, copiers, monitors, phones, and various other equipment were loaded into TKO’s truck to be taken to their facility, cleaned and then broken down to reclaim the recyclables. Most materials, including the plastic, will be reused to make new electronic componentry and similar products.

In 2008, TKO recycled 142 tons of metal and plastic, 6.9 tons of wire, over 1,200 batteries, and over 220 tons of circuitry from electronic waste.

The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans generate over 2.6 million tons of e-waste annually and currently only about one in every eight devices gets collected for recycling. Companies like TKO are positioning themselves to not only increase the ratio of recycled electronics, but also help divert the toxins found in these products from the waste stream and consequently, our environment.

As part of its Green Initiatives program, Marathon is leading its communities in encouraging electronic waste recycling.

Marathon Equipment is a US-based provider of creative solutions to the global recycling, waste, and material handling markets.

TKO is a US-based company that focuses on electronics destruction and recycling.