Ikea will purchase the plant when it becomes operational by early 2014, while Mainstream will continue to operate and maintain the plant for its 20-year lifespan.

The total number of wind turbines that Ikea owns and operated will reach 137 following the Carrickeeny plant acquisition.

Ikea plans to promote wind and solar energy programs with an investment of £1.5bn by 2015, with wind energy being a key part of the company’s sustainability strategy.

Mainstream chief executive Eddie O’Connor said that partnering with companies who intend to own a wind and solar plant is a growing part of its global business.

"Owning wind and solar plants makes a lot of sense for them on a number of levels. As the cost of the fuel is free, the more of it they have the more stability and certainty they have in relation to their energy costs in the long-term," O’Connor added.