The Magnum SRI Custom compound was originally produced in full production batch in a Banbury Mixer in the World Renowned Malaysian Rubber Board’s, Rubber Research Institute facility in Sg. Buloh and subsequently shipped to the manufacturer’s plant.

Magnum SRI Compound was then mixed and formulated with virgin light truck compound in a range of pre-agreed proportions. This blending process was successful without any alteration. Upon completion, the resultant compound was put through the balance of the manufacturing process.

Upon the success of the process the tires have now been shipped for independent testing at the World Renowned Malaysian Rubber Board’s, Rubber Research Institute facility in Sg. Buloh. Where they will be subjected to a two phase process:

First, the Institute will conduct a full range of tire lab tests which will include abrasion resistance. The tests will be carried out on both the original control tires in parallel with the tires containing the Magnum SRI Compound. Second, Magnum SRI light truck compound tires will be tested and compared alongside the control units.

Further, the tires will also be installed on a commercial truck operating in real time conditions for their useful life under standard load. The vehicle will return to the Rubber Research Institute Tire Testing Lab, where results should show the compounds aligned with all the protocols in terms of kilometers run tests so that proper measurements may be taken.

Magnum and the Magnum/SRI Force are positioned to become a player in the international tire compound market. Magnum SRI possesses new technology and will soon be introducing it to the global market.

Gopi Sekhar, chief executive officer of SRI, stated, “In an industry that has now come to terms with ever increasing raw material costs, both from natural and synthetic rubbers which are further exacerbated by very serious environmental concerns, in terms of the responsible management of the resultant used tire scrap, there has been no real solution that could adequately address either the backlog nor the growing annual accumulation that has it in a literal stranglehold.

All efforts thus far have either, in some way added to the already burgeoning global pollution problem or ended up being niche applications, which relative to the problem are irrelevant.

Today Magnum SRI has unveiled a technology and process which for the very first time can address both the accumulation of scrap tires and over time the enormous backlog. The Magnum SRI process is designed to match industry volume processes and conditions; it further lends itself easily to a full and wide range of applications as a real value added raw material. This makes it a very valuable cost saving raw material to manufacturers at a time that they really need it, while at the same time allowing them to be environmentally responsible by substantively and meaningfully addressing a very serious global pollution problem.”